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Personal branding photographer

Being approachable online is more important than ever! The picture-less “About” page or vacation selfie isn’t doing you any favors. Everyday people are searching for someone with your expertise or product. They are searching for authentic connections and people to do business with.

Your business, your craft, or artistry is your baby. You probably think about it for endless hours every day. It’s your passion and your life’s work. Needless to say it’s extremely important to you.

With all of that depth and passion the pictures on your website need to match that. The voice & vision behind your business needs a face. People crave connection. They don’t know YOU yet, but they absolutely deserve to!

Professional Branding Photography is more than a headshot. It’s dynamic, communicative, and beautiful. It’s an opportunity to communicate your vision and approachability to your audience. People want REAL connections and they want to do business with REAL people.

I want to help you tell YOUR story and build more connections. I want to help you turn more website visits into inquiries and become more profitable.

I believe in community and supporting fellow creatives & entrepreneurs. I know that if we band together we can create a place where we can grow and let our dreams flourish.

I’m Holly Hart, a personal brand photographer. 


  • I am forever excited to work with fellow entrepreneurs, artists, makers, and business people.



  • I’m an ongoing student of life. Taking classes often & always on the pursuit of knowledge.



  • I’m a traveller and lover of adventure!

Personal Brand Photographer

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  • "It has been such a pleasure working with Holly on my shoots. Her eye for lighting and her ability to make my vision into reality is perfection."
    Annemarie Hoffman
    Annemarie Hoffman
  • "Holly is an extremely talented and gifted photographer. I love that she is full of energy and passion. She's amazing!"
    Emily Mazour
    Emily Mazour
  • "Holly did a fantastic job, and my photos exceeded my expectations! She is an absolute delight to work with as well. I'm very happy with how my pictures turned out."
    Anna Johnson
    Anna Johnson